Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Upcoming: Romulus Ate by Michael Howell, I Heart Mom Productions, University of Texas and on Tour, January 1 - 6

Found on-line:

Romulus Ate by Michael Howell and I Heart Mom Productions

I Heart Mom Productions,

a student organization at the University of Texas,


Romulus Ate

by Michael Howell

Video created by: Georgia Latcham and Nicole Boutin


1/1/2011 8:00pm Romulus Ate Launch Show UT Lab Theatre, Austin, TX

1/2/2011 8:00pm Romulus Ate San Antonio, TX

1/3/2011 8:00pm Romulus Ate South Padre Island, TX

1/4/2011 8:00pm Romulus Ate Houston, TX

1/5/2011 8:00pm Romulus Ate Dallas, TX

1/6/2011 8:00pm Romulus Ate Homecoming! Austin, TX

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