Monday, December 6, 2010

Upcoming: Menagerie on a Hot Tin Streetcar by Rob Nash, staged reading at the Vortex Repertory, December 19

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Rob Nash Returns to VORTEX Theatre
For his next project, award-winning writer and performer Rob Nash has put the plays of Tennessee Williams through a comedic blender to create the ensemble mash-up, Menagerie on a Hot Tin Streetcar. The new work will receive its debut staged reading on Sunday,


December 19th, at the VORTEX Theatre.

More than just a parody - although Nash promised plenty of that - the playwright has tried to create a dramatic Tennessee Williams-esque comedy/drama as his 21st original work. Gay Tombrickly wants his "beard" wife Maggie Mae to stop demanding he give her a child, as this would require sleeping with her. Tombrickly likes his women like he likes his coffee - and he hates coffee. Blanchymanda drinks and hallucinates while trying to marry her cripple half-wit daughter Stellaura off to gentleman caller, while her husband Stangoop tries to inherit the Night Iguana Shoe Store from his transgendered mother/father Big Mama Daddy.

Writing and performing his own brand of one-man shows at The VORTEX since 1995, Nash has performed his works across the United States. His award-winning Holy Cross Sucks! premiered Off-Broadway in September 2005 to rave reviews, earning a "Top 10 Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows of 2005" recognition by Time Out New York.

His solo theatre and standup comedy have also been seen internationally at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Montreal Comedy Arts Festival, and Atlantis Cruise Lines. Nash has been featured on Comedy Central, VH1 and Q Television.

The one-night performance begins at 6:30 p.m., and admission is free - although donations will be accepted. The VORTEX Theatre is located at 2307 Manor Road. For more information, call (512) 478-LAVA (5282) or visit

(Rob Nash photo by Kenneth Gall)

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