Monday, December 27, 2010

Upcoming: New Year's Eve Comedy by Coldtowne Theatre at Salvage Vanguard

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Coldtowne Theater & Gnap! present a New Year's Eve Night of Comedy!Coldtowne Theatre New Year's Ev3 2010 at Salvage Vanguard

Dead Uncle Ted and Loose Fish

Dec. 31, shows at 8 & 10pm, and a dance party from 11:30 on...

Salvage Vanguard Theatre, 2803 Manor Road

Tickets are $20 for each show or $30 for both. This event and the post show dance party is BYOB. Tickets can be had at

ColdTowne Theater (in conjuction with Gnap! Theater Productions) is hosting an evening of comedy, dancing and carrying on this New Year’s Eve at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre. Two comic plays, originally performed by L.A.’s Dasariski, are being cast with performers from the Austin comedy community (including members of ColdTowne, the Frank Mills, Midnight Society, Dusk, Get Up and more) and mounted on New Year’s Eve.

The plays, Dead Uncle Ted (8pm) and Loose Fish (10pm), are character driven pieces whose plots ebb and flow along absurd tangents. People’s lives intersect with one another as their comedic flaws are unearthed. Ultimately, no one learns anything too important, and their behaviors remain predictable to the point of being goofy. The inevitability of the whole thing could boarder on tragedy, if it weren’t so damn funny (see 'readmore' for play descriptions).

>Each performance will be opened by a short set from sketch workshops taught by visiting instructor, performer and Dasariski member Rich Talarico (SNL and Mad TV). Talarico is making his second New Year’s Eve appearance in Austin on the heels of last year’s successful Eye for an iPhone revue. At 11:30pm, after the shows, the SVT stage will open for a ’60s dance party!

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