Friday, October 7, 2011

Arts Reporting: L.A. Stage Times on the Rude Mechanicals' I've Never Been So Happy, October 5

Via a link tweeted by the Rude Mechs:

The Rude Mechs Return to LA and They’ve Never Been So Happy

Feature by A.R. Cassell | October 5, 2011 Paul Soileau, Jason Liebreht and Jenny Larson (

Yippee-ki-ay! The West is about to get even wilder with the arrival of the Texans who make up the Rude Mechs, the experimental theater company whose latest creation I’ve Never Been So Happy will begin performances this Thursday at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

Continuing their relationship with the Center Theatre Group (audiences may recall their production of The Method Gun at the Douglas during the RADAR L.A. festival in June), the “Rudes” are blazing new frontiers with their first bona fide musical…that is, if a “musical” is what you’d call it.

Otherwise called a “transmedia hootenanny,” I’ve Never Been So Happy, written by Kirk Lynn, centers around two star-crossed lovers in the wild wild West who, along with the help of some talking dachshunds (it’s true), must fight to stay together despite the efforts of their parents, a mountain lion, and whole slew of colorful characters. Composer Peter Stopschinski’s score ranges everywhere from down-home country, to ballads, heavy metal, opera and R&B. During the extended intermission, there is a shindig, which is described as a “interactive carnivalesque performance party.”

[image: Paul Soileau, Jason Liebrecht and Jenny Larson, via]

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