Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcoming: Stop Kiss by Diana Son, UT Lab Theatre, November 4 - 12

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UT Lab Theatre presents

Stop Kiss

by Diana Son

Performances: Nov. 4th, 6th, 9th - 12th, 2011 @ 8pm -

Laboratory Theatre (LTH), UT Austin, between Jackson Geological Bldg (JGB)and Winship Drama Building (WIN), near 24th and San Jacinto (click for map)

free admission - donations accepted

A collaboration between undergraduates from the University of Texas at Austin, MFA Acting Candidates, and professional theatre-makers from the Austin Community.

“They tell me to speak truth to power and I don’t know what that means, Sara. Do you? Do you know me? Do you know who I am?” -Callie, Scene 14.

The play

Two women meet by chance in the chaos of New York City – one hovers above her life, while the other has jumped in headfirst. As their friendship grows, both are faced with the daunting and exhilarating task of re-evaluating who they are and what they want.

“Sara is always asking me “What do you want, Callie?” And finally I let her know. I answered.”

The night that Callie and Sara share their first kiss, they are brutally attacked in a Greenwich Village park. With Sara plunged into a coma and her family threatening to take her away from the “dangerous” city and back to her hometown of Chesterfield, Missouri, Callie must take ownership of this new relationship and of what she truly wants.
Stop Kiss is a play that asks the difficult questions about self-identity, imposed identity, falling in love, and the hazards and joy of living in New York City - indeed, simply of living.

Our Goal (Mission Statement) (click for Facebook page for Stop Kiss)

This production developed out of a very simple want – we want to make theatre. We want to make theatre that is collaborative, explorative, risky, and truly reflective of the people who are in the room. MFA Actor at the University of Texas at Austin, Mykal Monroe, and recent UT graduate, Lily Wolff, were brought together by this shared desire: to make theatre that speaks directly to the people in the room making it.

As part of a hugely diverse university, in a diverse city, in a diverse state, in a diverse nation that feels surprisingly easy to get lost in, Diana’s Son’s note that the “cast should reflect the ethnic diversity of New York City” spoke strongly to our multi-cultural ensemble. We set out to create a piece of theatre that honors those words by reflecting our own ethnic diversity as collaborators, as well as the multiethnic nature of the world we live in. We value the richness theatre that embraces the similarities that connect us, as well as the differences that allow us to question our own assumptions. Indeed, we feel it is a vital aspect of our humanity.

The (ever-growing) creative team includes Mykal Monroe, Lily Wolff, Antoinette Robinson, Karen Rodriguez, Joseph Dailey, Adam Radford, William Ott, Eric Lara, Rene Castro, Danielle Wright, Jacyln Benavidez, and Josephine McAdam.

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