Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Georgetown Palace Installs Induction Loop Technology for Hearing Assistance

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Georgetown Palace Theatre

The Palace is the First Theatre in Central Texas to Adopt and Install New Induction Loop Technology for the Hearing Impaired

Induction loop technology for the hearing impaired is becoming a reality in Central Texas through the efforts of Estes Audiology and the Board of Directors for Georgetown Palace Theatre, Inc. The installation of this technology at the Palace Theatre is a community effort through the generous donations of the Sertoma Club, the Lola Wright Foundation, the Chaparral Women’s Group, and Estes Audiology.


On October 12-13, Estes Audiology installed induction loop technology at the Palace Theatre – a non-profit performing arts theatre in Georgetown. This new technology allows a listener who is wearing a hearing aid equipped with telecoil to hear much better, especially in a public place. Induction loop technology is superior to other wireless transmission technologies because it produces high-quality sound while alleviating background noise in a large room. Currently being used throughout Europe,even in taxis and drugstores, induction loop technology is slowly gaining acceptance in the United States

This installation of “looping” establishes the Palace as the first theatre in Central Texas with such advanced technology, following the successful installation of induction looping at the Georgetown City Council and the Georgetown Public Library by Estes Audiology. The adoption of this new technology is slowly increasing public access in Central Texas for those with hearing loss.

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  1. Congratulations on your hearing loop installation! We need every theater and church in this country to follow suit. Improving hearing accessibility is important to serve the needs of a fast growing older America. What feeds the soul better than being able to participate in community events or to enjoy a thought provoking play or seeing (and hearing) a funny movie?

    Way to go Texas!