Saturday, October 8, 2011

Girls' Night, Touring Show at the Long Center, October 7 & 8

Girls Night tour, Long Center, Austin Texas

by Hannah Bisewski

A booming, exuberant voice blasts a too-casual introduction, announcing what will be a romping performance and warning that more than a few theatre conventions will be broken over the course of the evening. Flashing lights in gaudy colors frame an elevated platform with a lone microphone, suggesting we’re in for a selection of glitzy show tunes. Given that all this is set in the Long Center’s cavernous Michael and Susan Dell Hall, one wonders how Girls’ Night will deliver the intimacy and interaction that the opening announcement promises.

Enter Sharon, a ghost, the mother of Candy Rose, whose engagement is the reason (or excuse) for the reunion at a karaoke bar of Sharon’s childhood posse. It’s girls’ night out – and then some.

The departed Sharon introduces in turn each of her four friends: high-strung Anita, party animal Carol, trophy wife Liza and tiresome Kate. The four meet up around a table at the karaoke bar. They exchange updates on their lives and it doesn’t take long for the cattiness to emerge. We hear a slew of deep, dark, and often shameless secrets, past and present, from the most intimate parts of their lives, their marriages and their children, past and present. All this, of course, is spliced together with disco hits from across the last few decades, including dynamic renditions of It’s Raining Men, I Will Survive, and Lady Marmalade.

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