Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CIRCUS GIRL by Rocky Hopson, Hat Tree Theatricals at the Museum of Human Achievement, June 6 - 16, 2013

Hat Tree Theatricals

 Circus Girl by Rocky Hopson Hat Tree Theatricals Austin TX
Circus Girl
by Rocky Hopson
June 6th - 16th, Thursdays-Sundays at 7:30
at The Museum of Human Achievement. (located across from The Blue Genie)
Thursdays are pay-what-you-wish and there will be ASL interpretation on Thursday, June 13th.

Purchase tickets here: http://thehattreetheatricals.com/

Circus Girl takes you on a journey through America during the 1890s—from Kansas City to Chicago to Denver. It is the story of Circus Girl, a young performer who has lived in the circus or vaudeville her entire life. She knows very little about the outside world, and suddenly has to fend for herself in rapidly changing and precarious surroundings.
Much like our present decade, the 1890s were a time of exciting innovation as well as economic crisis and uncertainty: New technologies like the recording of sound and film changed the way people perceived the world and themselves in it. The Chicago World's Fair took place in 1893 and was considered the biggest event in human history.
On the flip side of that was the Panic of 1893. The railroads had overbuilt and went bankrupt. The banks closed. The country was in chaos. —Amidst this upheaval Circus Girl is out of a job and left alone. She has to adjust to her new environment or be sucked into the harsh reality of a country in turmoil. Through the eyes of Circus Girl this challenging new play shows an epic struggle between fantasy and reality that also reflects the problems and turmoils we face in 2013.

Circus Girl is written and directed by Rocky Hopson, starring Kim Adams, Jen Brown, Dallas Tate, Zac Crofford, Dawn Youngs, Judd Farias, Kelly Hasandras and Michelle Keffer and designed by Monica Gibson, Jamie Urban, Ia Enstera, Steven Shirey, and Lee Webster.

The Hat Tree Theatricals is Rocky Hopson and Michelle Keffer.

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