Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(*) PORT COVE, an original play series by Scott McDowell, Overtime Theatre, San Antonio, June 7 - July 27, 2013

Overtime Theatre San Antonio TX


(Overtime Theatre Center, 1203 Camden Street, San Antonio, 78215 - click for map)


by Scott McDowell

Port Cove is an all new weekly series at the Overtime Theater. An 8 week series featuring a NEW supernatural mystery episode every week!

June 7, 2013 – July 27, 2013. 8pm and 9pm Fridays, and Saturdays
Ticket Prices: $5 general admission. Passes for the full run are available for $30 at the box office up until the end of the first weekend. Tickets can be purchased online at,, and (210) 557-7562.
The Overtime Theater, 1203 Camden, San Antonio, TX 78215 - click for map.
This supernatural soap opera follows the characters of the hotel coffee shop at the center of a small New England town where mysterious murders have taken place. The FBI agents brought in discover that everyone is a suspect and something odd lurks out there in the cove…Featuring multiple directors: Kyle Gillette, Michael Burger, Matt Cassi, Bryan Ortiz, Chris Champlin and Scott McDowell!

To the best of our knowledge nobody around here has ever attempted anything like Port Cove. Eight new short plays in eight weeks. Get on board for Port Cove – you won’t want to miss this!!
Cast and Crew:
(The Cast will take on multiple roles for the run of the program)
Steven Aldrete, Nate Bizzell, Sophie Bolles, Brian Braddock, Vanessa Eichler, Michael Goodwin, Sarah Goodwin, Julienne Ponce, Michele Wisniewski, Karen Villavicencio, Sarah Goodwin Julienne Ponce, Michele Wisniewski, Karen Villavicencio, Sarah Goodwin, Chris Kelly, Chris Lombardo, Charles Riley
Stage managers – Jess Tanner and Elena Dye
Tech – Patrick Church
Set - Chris Champlin and Scott McDowell
Lighting – Chris Champlin and Jess Tanner

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