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MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by William Shakespeare, City Theatre, June 13 - July 7, 2013

City Theatre Austin Masks

City Theatre Austin TX

(3823 Airport Rd. at 38 1/2 St., behind the Shell station)

Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare City Theatre Austin
Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare
directed by Bridget Fairas
June 13 - July 7, 2013
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 5:30 p.m.
Shakespeare’s Sublime Battle of Wits and Wills.

Considered one of the most popular and charming comedies, Much Ado About Nothing features the classic couple Benedick, an arrogant and confirmed bachelor, and Beatrice, his favorite sparring partner, who would rather exchange scorching insults than sweet nothings. However, the pugnacious pair is forced to forge a partnership in order to defend house and honor, and salvage the true love of Hero and Claudio after deceptions destroy the lovers’ wedding day. 

Will the earnest endeavor to restore a young romance elicit an unexpected change of heart for the effort’s unlikely collaborators as well? Witty wordplay, passionate poetry and clever plot twists make this the perfect romantic evening to share love and laughter.


Don Pedro- Tyler Haggard
Don John- Heath Thompson
Claudio- Clay Avery
Benedick- Kevin Gates
Beatrice- Nikki Zook
Leonato- Mick D'Arcy
Antonia- Tracy Hurd
Balthasar- Chris Casey
Conrade- Maggie Bell
Borachio- Stephen Cook
Friar Francis- Casey Weed
Dogberry- Robert Deike
Verges- Toni Baum
First Watchman- Darren Scharf
Second Watchman- Eva McQuade
Sexton- Leigh Hegedus
Hero- Laura Ray
Margaret- Terah Zolman
Ursula- Leanna Holmquist
Messenger- Lindsay Palinsky

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