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(*) THE SCREEN DREAMS OF BUSTER KEATON by Rachel Joseph, Overtime Theatre, San Antonio, August 9 - September 7, 2013

Overtime Theatre San Antonio TX

(Overtime Theatre Center, 1203 Camden Street, San Antonio, 78215 - click for map)


 The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton Rachel Joseph Overtime Theatre San Antonio TX

written and directed by Rachel Joseph

August 9, 2013 – September 7, 2013.
8 pm Fridays and Saturdays, plus one Sunday matinee at 2:30 on August 18 and an additional Sunday evening show at 7pm on September 1.
Thursday evening shows on August 22 and September 5.
The Overtime Theater, 1203 Camden, San Antonio, TX 78215 -- click for map
Ticket Prices: $14 general admission, and $10 for teachers, students, seniors 65+, active military, and SATCO members. Tickets can be purchased online at www.theovertimetheater.org.

Information: www.theovertimetheater.org, info@theovertimetheater.org, and (210) 557-7562.

What would you do if Buster Keaton invaded your dreams?
What would he do if you invaded his?

Join us for a surreal journey into the unconscious as Keaton crawls through the screen into Dreaming Girl’s nighttime reveries. Along the way, Sigmund Freud, Samuel Beckett, and “Fatty” Arbuckle wreak havoc in a world made of bathing beauties, faded film memories, strange doppelgangers, and pratfalls galore.

Dream yourself onto the stage and see the world premiere of The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton, written and directed by Rachel Joseph at the Overtime Theater August 9-September 7 2013.

Cast and Crew:
Buster Keaton / Projectionist’s Projection: Andrew Thornton
Dreaming Girl: Elizabeth Anne Cave
Sigmund Freud: Chris Champlin
Samuel Beckett: Mary Griffith
“Fatty” Arbuckle: Michael Niemeyer
Mother: Jeanne Saadi
Buster Keatons 1: Dru Barcus
Buster Keatons 2: Richard David Anthony
Dreaming Girls 1: Alyx Gonzales
Dreaming Girls 2: Lauren Elyse Garcia
Dreaming Girls 3: Susy Acosta
Video Performer 1: Elena Dye
Video Performer 2: Ashley McSwain
Video Performer 3: Julienne Ponce
Director: Rachel Joseph
Video Design: Daniel Jackson
Sound Design: Rachel Joseph
Costume Design: Ensemble
Dramaturg: Kyle Gillette
Stage Manager: Kori Hamm

About the Overtime Theater In business since 2007, the Overtime Theater is dedicated to providing innovative and accessible entertainment at an affordable price. The shows are all new, original works, or unconventional adaptations of old classics. The Overtime Theater specializes in world premieres of works never before seen on stage!
In just five years, the Overtime has produced over 50 new shows, including six original musicals: Sheer Bloody Lunacy!, Pirates Vs. Ninjas, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Dr. “S” Battles the Sex-Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie: The Musical, DOA: A Noir Musical and Open Sesame!: A Bollywood Pantomime. Other notable productions have included The Good Samaritan, Poet Faustus, Sob! Choke…LOVE!, Action Philosophers, All Good Things, Ugly People, Frames, Life or A Reasonable Approximation Thereof, A Hitman’s Guide to Surviving Life, I-DJ, and, most recently, in our 2013 season, Sex Party, Masquerade, Henchmen, The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton, and original adaptations of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Plautus’ Haunted House. The Overtime Theater also collaborates with local visual artists, giving them a prominent local space in which to display their works in the lobby of our location near the Pearl Brewery complex, as well as musicians and performance artists.

The Overtime Theater is a nonprofit organization as determined by the IRS. This decision has been made to extend the Overtime’s mission of “art for the people” to the greater community, including through low-cost workshops in acting, playwriting, comedy improv skills, and art by working professionals. The OT Board of Directors and Operational Directors offer their expertise and talents as volunteers, and actors and the production crew are paid stipends through audience donations and grant funds. Our ticket prices are among the most competitive in the city, as we try to keep the costs down and the entertainment as accessible as possible. We are committed to building an audience with an appreciation for new, outside-the-box productions — an audience that will also support other local theaters and arts organizations. The Overtime Theater Board of Directors and Operational Directors for 2013 are listed above. All serve in these roles as volunteers.
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