Thursday, July 25, 2013

The DUMBWAITER by Harold Pinter and The Hands of Its Enemy by Mark Madorff, Broken Alley Theatre at Pearl Street Co-op, August 1 - 4, 2013

Broken Alley Theatre Austin TX



Broken Alley Theatre Austin Dumbwaiter Pinter Hands of Its Enemy Madorff


The Broken Alley Theatre Company is a brand-new, nonprofit troupe in Austin, TX. We are alumni of LBJ High School, and its theatre troupe, the Alley Cat Players. Though we have spread to every corner of the U.S. for college and work, we all share a special connection with Austin, and with our fellow Alley Cats. We hope to create a sustainable company here in our hometown, and we're starting it all this Summer with a two show season.
Our show schedule is as follows:

August 1st, 7 pm- The Hands of Its Enemy
August 2nd, 7 pm- The Dumb Waiter
August 3rd, 7 pm- The Hands of Its Enemy
August 4th, 7 pm- The Dumb Waiter

There will be a $10 suggested donation. 

All shows are at the 21st Street Coop (1906 Pearl Street Austin, TX 78705, just off W. 21st - click for map).  Please note, the majority of parking will be on the street, so expect a slight walk.

There will be a bar, so if you are under 21, be prepared for a stamp at the door.

In The Hands of Its Enemy by Mark Medoff, deaf playwright Marieta Yerby brings "reformed" alcoholic Howard Bellman in to direct her debut play—with the company (and ex-) he abandoned. Marieta pushes Howard to the breaking point while Howard pushes Marieta to write the truth about her past.

Two hit men wait in a basement room for their target in The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, a surreal one-act, described as a "comedy of menace" by one reviewer. Orders for food that the two men don't have the capability to make regularly come down via a dumb waiter, and the question of who is sending them becomes more and more pressing.

Come join us for some theatre!


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