Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jude Hickey Interviewed and Profiled by Wayne Alan Brenner, Austin Chronicle

Austin Chronicle, Austin Texas

Hey, Jude
The talented Mr. Hickey deftly clambers up that old ladder (ladder, ladder, ladder) of success

Jude Hickey (photo: Sandy Carson for the Austin Chronicle)
Jude Hickey (photo: Sandy Carson for the Austin Chronicle)

The 36-year-old actor from Nebraska didn't choose to look like some younger, more handsome brother of Raul Julia – that just happened. DNA and so on, the crapshoot of genetic heritage. And maybe a talent for theatre – for acting, especially – is also something that a person's either blessed with or not, yes? But it's definitely always a choice to work on that foundation, to hone that talent, to put in the years of time and effort of practice necessary to achieve the high level of craft that Jude Hickey has achieved.

And Hickey's definitely achieved it. Because I'm sitting across from him at the Bouldin Creek Cafe – not too far from where he lives with his husband and their two Chihuahuas – and I'm talking to him at length for the first time. This is after having spent about a decade exchanging little more than greetings or topical witticisms with him, in passing, at fundraisers or theatre-community parties. And now I'm sitting there, sipping coffee, and I'm experiencing at least mild cognitive dissonance.

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