Friday, March 27, 2009

Upcoming: Paint The Town by Insurgent Theatre of Milwaukee, Salvage Vanguard, March 29

Received March 27:

Salvage Vanguard Theatre and Church of the Friendly Ghost present an interdisciplinary event blending radical theater with music. Milwaukee based Insurgent Theatre is bringing “PAINT THE TOWN”, a full length original play to Salvage Vanguard Theater on March 29th. The play will be presented in two acts, pierced by an intermission of startling experimental music performances from Douglas Ferguson, Yellow Crystal Star, and Amir Coyle.

PAINT THE TOWN is a modern and timely tale of revolution, love, terrorism, and their collision. With homage to Brechtian production values, “PAINT THE TOWN” assaults the audience with the tale of an inspired revolutionary, the perfect family who loves her, and the man who slaughters her family in a wave of brutal terrorism to set her free from the bondage of the establishment.

“… Paint the Town smolders with rage at the horrible joke our world has become. Rex Winsome takes a scalpel to the values our society holds dear, and nobody is left unscathed …. It’s an angry, smug, terrifying play inflected with Brecht, Artaud, and Dogme.” - Jeff Grygny, Drama Critic for Shepherd Express Milwaukee.


ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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