Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Call for Actors: Austin Drama Club, revived

Received directly:

Austin Drama Club seeks new company members

All shows to perform at our new location in the hills west of Oak Hill near Fitzhugh Rd. and 290 west. We encourage any and all artistic young men and women in that area to come hang out with us this summer and see if you might be into putting on costumes and make up and acting like a fool half the time.

We are also looking for someone who will commit to doing 2 shows with us this summer..someone who wants to begin working on 2 parts at the same time.

We also want to welcome any elder community style actors who have the urge to swagger and bray and talk loudly in a thick British accent.

Romeo and Juliet will open on July 22nd and run through August 10th and needs the following:

3 young men between the ages of 14 and 17 to play the part of Romeo or Benvolio or Tybalt in the Saturday and Sunday afternoon performances.

1 young lady around the age of 15 to play Juliet on Saturday and Sunday afternoons only.
The show also seeks a stage manager who will understudy the role of Lord Capulet.

Merchant of Venice opens August 19th and runs through Sept 5th.

Again we're looking for a group of young guys and gals to understudy some big supporting roles and perform on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Anthony and Cleopatra comes soon after and has many parts still available

If you have any questions please email
JaphyFernandes@live.com or call the theatre at 512 569 7435

To see some pictures and read about our history please search us on the web and visit our MySpace site.

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