Monday, November 15, 2010

Upcoming: The Backroad Homeshow and Not Winehouse, The Truck Project at the Off Center, November 23-24

Received directly from the Rude Mechanicals:

The Truck Project, Off Center, AustinThe Truck Project turns the back of a 24' Budget rental truck into its own mobile performance venue.
On its debut tour this fall, the Project will present a pair of solo performance installations.

Jean Ann Douglass's riff on American nostalgia

The Backroad Homeshow

will transform 24 square feet of empty space into the most unlikely vaudeville theater you will ever encounter.

Eric Meyer's The Truck Project

Not Winehouse

invites you to meet the singer we all know and love, reinvented as an American guy who happens to look a lot like Eric Meyer.
Tuesday Nov. 23rd and Wednesday Nov. 24th at 8pm
The Off Center (outside - dress for the weather!)

Tickets: $8 Click to purchase tickets on-line.
Advisory: Please be aware that guests will walk up a Budget Truck loading ramp to enter the theater, and approximately four guests will stand and four guests will sit on cushions on the floor during one of the pieces.

About The Truck Project The Truck Project creates original works of theater performed and toured in rented moving trucks. For each work, the truck interior is transformed into a dynamic playing space, based on the needs of each piece. As much an installation as it is performance, one show creates a vaudeville theater, complete with lobby and concessions, while another is performed in a barren, dark space where all audience members are led to their seats with flashlights. Each configuration of the truck can seat 20-35 people, and several short works are performed in repertory each evening. Our premiere in Brooklyn, NY held 10 performances in one evening, with an estimated audience of 250 total patrons, with many more unfortunately turned away at the door for lack of room. In Autumn 2010, we are expanding and solidifying our repertory and going on tour with two 25-minute works. Starting in Brooklyn, we will then tour to Spartanburg, SC (performing in the alley next to HUB-BUB), New Orleans, LA (performing under the auspices of the New Orleans Fringe Festival), and Austin, TX (performing in the parking lot of the Off Center).

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