Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Acting Classes: Amber DuPuy at City Theatre, starting February 12

Received directly from City Theatre, Austin:

Amber DuPuy acting classes

The Art and Craft of Acting
Living Intentionally: Actualizing your True Potential as an Actor

Amber Dupuy - Class Director and Instructor
Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Begins February 12: 8 week sessions. Cost: $225
For registration and information: theactorsatelier@gmail.com

Acting is a craft. In this class, you will learn the tools of the trade. Hone your craft by developing awareness and mastery of your instrument. Learn to relax and focus in stressful situations. Develop your creativity by accessing your imagination and expressing your emotions. Discover what “finding your motivation” means by exploring and playing an action. But that's not all!

Integration of the mind, body and spirit are required to fully embody a character and bring life to the stage or screen. An experienced actor utilizes his mind to analyze the script, activate his imagination, focus and concentrate. He understands his body and senses when it's dynamically aligned (good posture). He is familiar with the way his body moves and gestures. This awareness allows him to create characters that walk, gesture and speak differently than him. He in control of his breathing, and therefore is capable of actively relaxing at all times. Responsive to his impulses, he is emotionally free and expressive. Ultimately, the synthesis of mind and body allows the actor's spirit to be released resulting in more presence on stage and greater opportunities for transcendent moments in performance.

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