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Published at, January 19:

FronteraFest Long Fringe 2011 Review: Annie La Ganga Let's Make Love Tonight

Let's Make Love Tonight!

Annie La Ganga at the Salvage Vanguard Theater

by Ralph Hardesty

Seen a lot of theater, seen a lot of solo performance. Seen a few shows about sex or that deal primarily with sex. Suddenly it’s surprising that we haven't seen a show that opened with the following line before last night: “We don’t have to have a play right now. We could have an orgy.”

That’s surprising, right? We could. Just have an orgy. How is it that with all of the bad performances or open mics friends perpetrate on each other this line has not come up before, a million times? Annie La Ganga, in her short, sweet and hilarious “self-help/stand-up/comedy/interactive/performance art/improv/monologue,” Let’s Make Love Tonight! has thought this through because, apparently, she’s got some questions for you about orgies.

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