Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Forum for the Arts Community: Crisis and Opportunity, June 7

Received on-line:

Austin Creative Alliance

Austin Creative Alliance and Wyatt Brand Public Relations
sponsor a forum:

Crisis and Opportunity: An open, structured dialogue

Tuesday, June 7 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

(with potential break-out discussions until 8:30 pm)

Mexican American Cultural Center Auditorium,600 River Street (click for map)

In light of recent transitions and critical issues cropping up in some of Austin's nonprofit arts and cultural institutions, Austin Creative Alliance has organized an open, structured dialogue in which any interested community member is invited to participate.

Their goal is to engage in a constructive process to address recent events, underlying issues, national trends, and proposed solutions with a specific outcome: to arrive at an honest and progress-centric document that we will issue to the community at large.

Topics will be collected on their Facebook event page and via email (dialogue@austincreativealliance.org) and then combined in advance to reflect the will and interest of engaged participants and ground-rules will be provided to give us the best chance of a productive process.

Subject to change, here are some initial topics they envision:

Should the current economic climate tighten belts or drive innovation?

What is the role of a trustee?

To what degree should organizations be accountable to the public?

How can non-profits understand and implement a new social/experience economic model?

How does Austin’s creative economy/climate reflect national trends?

What is the future of the non-profit model?

Austin Creative Alliance envisions this format being the basis for an ongoing series to address critical topics as they arise, as well as bringing in expert speakers to facilitate topic-centric discussions.

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