Monday, May 2, 2011

IMHO: Austin Live Theatre Applause Awards, 2010 - 2011


from a survey of the 104 productions reviewed since May 1, 2010

In a non-competitive examination of the 2010 - 2011 season so far, ALTcom offers enthusiastic renewed applause to favorite productions, performances and artists listed in the continuation here (click 'Read more' to view all mentions).

ALT reviews appeared over the course of a year but in fact covered only nine months of theatre activity in the greater Austin area. I was away for most of July and August, missing among other events the summer musical season, and I was also out of Austin for most of December.

I've spent a lot of time assembling this collection -- entering happily into the same sort of time trap that catches you when you sit down to go through those boxes of old photos and letters that got stuck in the back of the closet. These really are no more than expressions of my humble opinion, informed by the productions I was fortunate enough to see and probably disinformed by lapses of memory and attention. I see now that the choice after the summer to spend less time in the audience has had an effect. I stayed away from some productions I certainly would have enjoyed and appreciated. This past year I spent less time on the periphery, missing the opportunity to nose into very interesting theatrical developments away from the downtown core.

I've linked the listings to ALT reviews where available, and I've tried to make sure all mentions and credits are correct. If you see any omissions, please let me know at

Please click here to share again some of my favorites in Austin live theatre from the last twelve months.

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