Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Upcoming: Upon A Midnight Dreary, Last Act Theatre Company atLa Peña Art Gallery , July 13 - 23

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The Last Act Theatre Company Austin Texas

Upon A Midnight Dreary, one-act plays based on Poe, Last Act Theatre Company, Austin


Upon A Midnight Dreary

three pieces based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe

July 14 - 23
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Manos de Cristo Community Center, 4911 Harmon Avenue (click for map)

Price:$15; reduced cost ($12) tickets available with a food donation at the door - see website for more details

The Last Act Theatre Company will be staging an unforgettable night of adaptations from Edgar Allan Poe’s canon of enthrallingly visceral prose. LATco.’s Upon a Midnight Dreary will include Poe’s infamous The Conqueror Worm, The Cask of Amontillado and The Tell Tale Heart. These uniquely chilling yarns will be dramatized in light of new relevance to today’s audience focusing on the most grotesque details of the human dilemma and examining the challenge of avoiding madness in an increasingly mad world.

We hope to offer every detail of this production as an opportunity to feature and celebrate Austin’s thriving community of artists. To that end, The Last Act Theatre Company has collaborated with local writers, clothing designers and sketch artists who have been working hard to handcraft almost everything that you will see on stage. Upon a Midnight Dreary promises to be a production unlike any other.

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  1. This production is not located at La Pena Art Gallery, it will be hosted at Manos De Cristo Community Center off 51st and I-35. Please visit www.lastacttheater.com for more details. Christina Barboza, Technical Director