Sunday, May 8, 2011

Upcoming: The Decorator by Jeffrey Strauss, Overttime Theatre, San Antonio, May 20 - June 18

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Overtime Theatre, San Antonio


The Decorator
written by Jeffrey Strausser
directed by Matthew Byron Cassi
May 20 - June 18

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m.

Overtime Theatre, Blue Stars Arts Complex, 1400 S. Alamo, San Antonio (click for map)

The Decorator is a new, original comedy by Texas playwright Jeffrey Strausser. In upscale suburbia, Amanda works with wives who are disgruntled, but not just with their living room furniture and old-fashioned kitchens. Amanda chooses to work with women who are as she once was: women married to men who stifle dreams. Her plan for their freedom is ingenious, yet simple. It is the perfect scheme to grow her business, provide her clients their “life makeover,” and feed her own obsession for revenge. Everyone gets what they want—well, almost everyone. It’s Showgirls meets American Psycho, set in the world of Interior Design!

Cast: Amanda Hartman - Renee Garvins | Sarah Strickland - Christie Beckham | Todd Strickland - Robert Jerdee | Barbara Terry - Kathryn Conner | George Witherspoon - Cary Farrow | Eddie Witherspoon - Alexander Berkowitz

Strausser, a playwright living in Houston, also has authored four English grammar, punctuation, and composition textbooks for Barrons Educational Series used by high school and middle school students, and is a published short story writer. He is a member of the Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) through which he has performed pro bono legal work for artists, writers, and musicians.

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