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Auditions for Three Viewings by Jeffrey Hatcher, Trinity Street Players, August 13

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Trinity Street Players logoTrinity Street Players is presenting a unique theatre experience for the Halloween season. Jeffrey Hatcher's Three Viewings is fast-paced, and consists of three touching and darkly funny monologues set in a funeral parlor.
Tell Tale is the story of a quirky mortician with an unspoken passion. The Thief of Tears is about an attractive corpse robber with a shocking and painful secret. And in Thirteen Things about Ed Carpolotti, we meet an adorable and recently widowed matron whose horrific situation is rescued from beyond the grave.

The monologues are loosely related, but each role is a separate showcase opportunity for three committed actors:

Emil (30-55) – A mortician with a secret passion for a real estate broker who markets to the bereaved. He is a bit repressed and buttoned-down, and the passion threatens to undo him.

Mac (30-late 40’s) – The attractive, wise-cracking daughter of an upper-class family who steals jewelry from corpses as an occupation. We find out that a terrible secret is behind the obsession.

Virginia (Late 50’s or older) – A straight talking woman of character who has been left with a giant burden of corruption by her deceased husband. We see her innocence crumble as the story unfolds but her dignity and good-nature remain to the touching final moment.

The show runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, October 21-November 6

Trinity Street Players Blackbox Theatre, 4th floor, 901 Trinity Street (click for map)
Saturday, August 13, 10 a.m.
Callbacks Monday, August 15, 7pm
Actors are asked to bring a resume, headshot, and to prepare a 1-2 minute comic and/or dramatic monologue.

For additional information email director Bob Beare:

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