Thursday, July 7, 2011

Upcoming: Mighty Five's Infinite Funk Odyssey, RockUs Entertainment at the Blue Theatre, August 18 - September 3

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RockUs Entertainment

presentsfrom Mighty Five's video 'Check This Out'

Mighty Five’s Infinite Funk Odyssey

An Original, Electro-Funk Theatrical Production & Simultaneous Dance Party

by electro-funk music duo “Mighty Five” of New York, with Austin’s Xaq Webb

The audience is encouraged to dance during the show, and all performances will be followed immediately by a dance party of indeterminate length.

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m., August 18 – September 3

at The Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale Rd (click for map)

TICKETS: $12; $10 for students, on sale now at

Click on the image above to see Mighty Five’s music video at:

“In Mighty Five’s Infinite Funk Odyssey, [we’re] trying out a new theatrical concept in which the whole show is based around keeping the audience dancing and having a good time, like a real concert,” explains Mighty Five musician and script collaborator Zach Abramson. “There’ll be a few seats in case you get tired, but with these funky songs you won’t be able to help but shake that thing,” adds Phil Aulie, script co-creator and director.

The show is based on the music and adventures of Mighty Five; they’re from Dimension F, a funky space whose entire existence is dependent upon a non-stop dance party, and the Funkatronic Energy that it creates. “Mighty Five” is the name of New York City-based music duo Zach Abramson & Derek Muro, who created Mighty Five’s 2008 electro-funk concept album VORTEXX.

Abramson says of their album and music video Check This Out!, “Crazy characters, an other-worldly setting and a ridiculous story—it was only a matter of time before someone would see the potential for a stage show.”

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