Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arts Reporting: Attic Theatre San Antonio Re-Purposes Sculptor's Pieces for 'Smudge' (August 18 - September 4)

Found on-line, an article by Deborah Martin and a photo-essay by Robert Jerstad, Jennifer Whitney and the McNay Museum on the Attic RepertoryTheatre's incorporation of pieces by sculptor Jade Townsend into its production of Smudge by Rachel Axler (August 18 - September 4), San Antonio Express-News, August 13:

Smudge sculptures Jade Townsend (image: Robin/Robert Jerstad)

AtticRep repurposes art installation for set of new show 'Smudge''

by Deborah Martin

AtticRep's set for Smudge, the final show in its fifth season, is a real piece of art.


The set was drawn from New York artist Jade Townsend's “An Allegory of Taste: Between Here and There,” a large installation commissioned by the McNay Art Museum for the “New Image Sculpture” exhibit earlier this year.

“It's definitely exciting that it gets this whole other life,” Townsend said.

Using an art installation as a set feeds into one of AtticRep's missions as the company prepares to launch its sixth season this fall. Producing artistic director Roberto Prestigiacomo and interim managing director Rick Frederick want to find ways to collaborate extensively with artists from other disciplines — to bring in visual artists more often, for example, and to bring in musicians and work with galleries and other arts groups, as well. The idea is to bring in other perspectives and fresh eyes from beyond the world of theater, they said.

Sculpture by Jade Townsend used by Attic Rep San Antonio for 'Smudge'“It's quite exciting,” Prestigiacomo said.

For “Smudge,” which opens Thursday, a few visual artists were brought into the mix, starting with Townsend and his installation.

The most visible section of the piece when it was on display at the McNay was a small, white house bursting at the seams. The house's insides, visible through the windows and bulging gaps in the walls, were crammed with all sorts of furniture and other clutter. Plywood lamps, dressers, televisions, a piano and a guitar, among other things, were piled high; a crowned figure sat atop the heap.

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