Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fundraising Appeal for Corpus Christi by Austin Theatre Project

Posted at fundraising site with a campaign goal of $5000 within the next 15 days:

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Corpus Christi Austin Theatre Project

by Terrence McNally
directed by Jeff Hinkle

We all see the headlines about bullying, teen suicide, and hate crimes committed towards the disenfranchised. The "disease" of intolerance has reached epic and epidemic proportions. We at Austin Theatre Project have decided to kick off our inaugural season with a play that will open both hears and minds to this subject and, at the very least, initiate open and honest communication and at best, help create change in our community and surrounding area.

Terrence McNally's Corpus Christi is perhaps his most moving and controversial play, telling the story of Joshua, a young gay boy in 1950's Corpus Christi, TX. He is ridiculed, bullied, and hated by most of the people in his hometown and after he finishes high school, he flees... seeking people to share his message of tolerance and unconditional love. During his travels he finds a group of followers who help to spread his message. The time comes for him to return home and when he does so, he is betrayed by his high school boyfriend, Judas... with tragic results. Written in 1997, the play presents themes of unconditional love and  tolerance honestly alongside the themes of bullying and hate crime, all of which make this work even more relevant today than it was fifteen years ago.

Austin Theatre Project has assembled a cast comprised of the area's most talented and dedicated actors. As this important play is the first production of our inaugural season, we are looking to RocketHub to guarantee that we are able to not only pay our actors a fair and equitable compensation, but also to provide them with the necessary security that is required due to the threats of the radical movements who try everything they can to prevent this production from being produced all over the United States.

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