Monday, April 2, 2012

Video and Fundraiser: The Experiment by Generic Ensemble Company

A fundraiser at IndieGoGo for The Experiment, to be presented by the Generic Ensemble Company, May 4 - 13

IndieGoGOGoal: $3000 by April 29

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The Experiment Generic Ensemble CompanyThe Experiment by Ana-Maurine Lara & kt shorb

directed by kt shorb, choreography by Tonya Pennie
Featuring Saray de Jesus Rosales as Lucy, Krysta Gonzales as Dolly, and Smalls McCoy as Dora; with dancing by Kimberly Caterino, Kaitlyn Jolly, and Kirsche Dickson.

The Experiment is an evening-length play asking the question, “What does it mean to be human?” THE EXPERIMENT draws its structure from worlds fairs and vaudeville, creating a speculative future reminiscent of the turn of the 20th century. It incorporates theatrical dialogue between a cyborg and an immortal mutant; singing by a perverse scientist/lab attendant; and a silent dancing chorus. THE EXPERIMENT showcases performances by (queer) women of color investigating the relationship between modern human subjects experiments, turn-of-the century freak shows, and anecdotal narratives of masculine/butch women.

The Experiment showcases the work and stories of primarily queer-identified women of color. Austin needs more shows like ours. Our approach is physical and experimental--delving into aesthetics and rehearsal processes that are innovative and new both locally and nationally.

How We Will Use Your Funds Donations from this campaign will go directly toward paying creative collaborators, which include more than 15 creative people. Thanks to the City of Austin Cultural Contracts and a generous grant from the Open Meadows Foundation we have enough to cover some venue costs, materials, travel, and some of the honoraria. It is the Generic Ensemble Company's goal to make this work sustainable for all collaborators. To do so, we hope to compensate all collaborators as well as possible.

Why We Are So Cool The Generic Ensemble Company (GenEnCo) is one of the few troupes in Austin, and nationally, that showcases queer-identified women of color in physcially engaged, experimental, ensemble-based performance. The Experiment is the third collaboration between Lara and shorb, the previous two collaborations both garnering awards. This is the most recent project aimed at asking profound questions toward social change through rigorous, dangerous, and community-conscious theatre.

Other Ways You Can Help If you cannot help out with donating to our cause, we are looking for volunteers to run the house, be backstage, and distribute media material. Do you have a blog, radio show, or column? Talk to us and share our project with your audience!

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