Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opportunity: Strike Crew at the Georgetown Palace

Georgetown Palace Theatre, TX

We're still looking for more awesome people to join our amazing Strike team. We have ten amazing people so far, but we need more so we can really make this work. We had a good time at the last time, and we'll look to keep the good times rolling at the end of this month when we strike Dixie Swim club.

As a reminder Here are some of the benefits:

· We'll have the same group of people for every strike.

· The team will become a finely tuned machine who can execute all the tasks of strike in a safe and efficient manner.

We understand that it would be a large commitment for anyone to commit to be at the strike for every show. We'd be looking to get a team of at least 25 people to sign up. That way not everyone would have to do every show, but we'd still have a large enough group at each show to accomplish the task. If you are on the strike team and in the show that just ended, you would not be expected to help with that strike.

Here's what you'd get:

· Training on safe set deconstruction, the fly system, prop and set storage.

· 2 comps tickets for every Strike you help with
· The eternal gratitude of a cast and crew who just finished a long run after a long rehearsal process.
· A listing in the program for every production
· Acknowledgement in the opening night curtain speech for every production

We will have special strike team T-Shirts as well.

We intend to train the team, so experience isn't a requirement, but is helpful. Please contact me if you're interested.

Also, please feel free to forward this to anyone you know who might be interested.


Ron and Jessie

reply to ron@georgetownpalace.com

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