Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upcoming: Adam Sultan, Physical Plant Theater at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre, May 3 - 5

Physical Plant Theatre, Austin, TX


 Adam Sultan Physical Plant Theater, Austin TX

Adam Sultan
A work-in-progress performance as part of the Fusebox Festival's Machine Shop series.

Featuring: Adam Sultan, Caroline Reck, Connor Hopkins, Dallas Tate, Ellie McBride, Gricelda Silva, Jacob Trussell, Kelli Bland, Meredith Balderston, Noel Gaulin, and Zac Crofford.

Salvage Vanguard Theatre, 2803 Manor Rd.
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Thursday May 3rd at 7pm -
Friday May 4th at 9pm -
Saturday May 5 at 6pm -
It's the year 2051, and Adam is attending your funeral. He even dressed up, sort of. He wore a tie. He doesn't do theater anymore. Doesn't dance. Doesn't write music or play it. He doesn't see shows and doesn't care to.

For the last maybe thirty-five years Adam has been collecting objects and putting them into glass jars. Each jar has one object, something special to some person: a photograph or pen or a book of matches. Each person was a friend, all of them dead now. Tiny apartment but must be hundreds, maybe a thousand of these jars.

Adam Sultan
is a speculative biography -- the story not of a person (though Adam is plenty real and well-known to many of us), but of a dimming community, as seen through Adam's dimming eyes.

A full production is scheduled for 2013, but for Fusebox 2012, we'll try to give a sense of how the story begins.

If you bring an object, we'll give it a jar.

All shows at SVT.

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