Thursday, February 19, 2009

Austin's Small Theatres in Hard Times, by Elizabeth Cobbe, Austin Chronicle, February 19

Elizabeth Cobbe combines an advance piece on Warpstar Sexysquad by Yellow Tape Construction Company with comments from others. Ken Webster of Hyde Park Theatre is cautiously optimistic about the fiscal year but uncertain about the calendar year; Ryan Crowder of the new Penfold Theatre is looking to establish a venue in Round Rock.

"Rocketing Through Hard Times" by Elizabeth Cobbe.

Update: Review of "Warpstar Sexysquad" by Spike Gillespie on, February 24

Update: Review of "Warpstar Sexysquad" by Avimaan Syam in the Austin Chronicle of March 5


  1. I think the Warpstar Sexysquad blasted the "e" off the end of my last name in the title of your post! :)

  2. Whoops! I know the feeling, because sometimes folks turn around the "ei" in my name. I've fixed it now. Thanks for telling me! regards, Michael (MEIgs)