Thursday, February 5, 2009

Upcoming: Cuentos y Risas, Teatro Vivo at Dougherty Arts Center, March 5 - 15

Received on February 5:

Cuentos y Risas (Stories and Laughter)

Teatro Vivo

March 5-March 15, 2009

Teatro Vivo is proud to present Cuentos y Risas, an evening of comedy, with two bilingual one-act plays entitled 2 Souls and a Promise and Crossing the Rio written and directed by Rupert Reyes, Teatro Vivo’s artistic director. Rupert is the author of Vecinos, nominated for a B. Iden Payne award for best original script in 2008 and the very popular Petra plays, Petra’s Pecado, Petra’s Cuento and Petra’s Sueño.

2 Souls and a Promise is a bilingual comedy about two young lovers who make a promise to keep their souls united for eternity. What they didn't take into account was that they were not destined to die at the same time, which brings interesting results. It’s a promise, una promisa, which comes true in a way that neither would have ever anticipated. Be careful about the promises you make, keeping them can be tricky! [Click for ALT review of August, 2008 presentation of 2 Souls and a Promise]

Crossing the Rio is a bilingual comedy about, a new officer in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of Homeland Security, Jarett Acosta, who is on probation for his job. To complicate things, his superior officer is actually his own over bearing father. Will he make his probation? His true test will not lie with how well he does his job but how well he doesn't when the love of his life attempts to across the border illegally. Faced with this situation, will he have to cross his own personal river to save her?

Join Teatro Vivo for this special evening of bilingual comedy with two one-act plays that will entertain the entire Austin community! This bilingual style of theatre makes our productions accessible to non-Spanish speakers.

Teatro Vivo’s mission is to produce culturally relevant theatre addressing critical social issues about the Latino experience. Teatro Vivo’s productions reflect the heart and soul of the Latino reality and provide a window into the humanity we all share.

Rupert Reyes, Karinna Pérez, Mario Ramírez (photo by Alberto Jiménez)

Tickets go on sale Thursday February 5 !
AUSTIX 474-8497

Teatro Vivo PO BOX 300028 Austin Tx 78703
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