Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss Mimi, Gepetto Dreams at Ruta Maya, March 7

Received February 28:

Austin’s Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company is presenting a special puppet burlesque show “A night at Miss Mimi’s” March 7th at Ruta Maya 3601 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78704. There will be 3 shows at 9:30, 10:45, and midnite. Tickets are just $10 at the door.

New songs, new routines, and a special guest dancer make this show a must-see. Proceeds benefit the non-profit theater, which has just received a hundred thousand dollar commitment for the purchase of a permanent space here in Austin , providing they can raise the money for a down payment. All proceeds from this show go towards realizing that dream.

For those who missed last summer’s sold-out run, the performance is a mixture of western rod puppetry and Japanese style bunraku. This crazy cabaret’s 9 wild acts pay homage to the comedy, music, and dance of the old time Burly-Qs, as well as the new style burlesque that has been popularized in clubs from coast to coast. All performed by eight 36-inch anthropomorphic puppets. It’s like the Muppets meet Minsky’s. Due to the unique nature of the show combined with the resurgence of interest in old time burlesque and vaudeville shows, this performance will appeal to a wide audience from 18 to 80. Mimi's puppeteers are in plain sight, dressed in black. It takes two to three puppeteers to put the dancers through their paces so the audience has the opportunity to see the teamwork and fluid movement it takes to bring each character to life. This style makes the experience not only visually entertaining but enlightening as well.

Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company opened a small theater/workshop space (seats around 30) a year ago on Austin ’s growing Eastside, but, despite its size, have done some amazing things in it. Sold out both adult and children’s shows, and hosted numerous free puppetry workshops. We were responsible for Austin ’s first Puppet Film Festival. Our greatest achievement has been a summer internship program for Austin teens, which culminated in a free show for the entire city at Austin 's Long Center for the Performing Arts. As well as donating 137 artisian puppets for CPS and other Texas children in need last Christmas. For further info on the troupe or the show feel free to visit

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