Friday, February 27, 2009

Upcoming: A Brilliant Revolution, Debutantes and Vagabonds at the Blue Theatre, March 5 - 15

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Debutants and Vagabonds presents


For radio station manager, Cubby Zimmerman, life shouldn't consist of censoring the Head DJ's absurdities and keeping the janitor's violent tendencies to a minimum; but it does. Anything can happen at KOUP Radio, Skarkie, Illinois' smallest radio station. With forces like Linnius, a monument to rant with a furious suspicion of the homeless, and 8-Ball, an upstate parolee fulfilling his community service at the end of a broom, it's no wonder the station is headed into utter destruction. Thank goodness for anger management, Pepto Bismol, and puppets.
K.O.U.P. - Radio That Fights Back! Come see the Debutantes and Vagabonds' up and coming show "A Brilliant Revolution" at the Blue Theatre on Thursday, March 5th through Sunday, March 15th.

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Comment by Ryan E. Johnson,, on the excerpt presented at FronteraFest 2009:

"A Brilliant Revolution
"Welcome to the world of KOUP radio, where nervous radio producers, angry technicians, an off-the-wall foley artist, and a snide, pretentious radio personality (oh, and a dead horse), are waiting to take you on unlikely adventures in comedy. Watching Fred Jones, Amanda Garfield, and Francisco Rodriguez’s A Brilliant Revolution is like watching a sitcom, with plenty of pratfalls, one-liners and characters that seems to be pulled right out of a Marx Brothers movie. All of the characters play their roles to near perfection, but stealing the show every time he gets the stage is Joe Sclotter as the foley artist, whose hilarious commercials and sound effects throughout the piece add a side-splitting hit to the gut, elevating an already hilarious piece to new heights. Hands down the funniest piece I’ve seen so far at FronteraFest."

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