Thursday, February 5, 2009

Upcoming: FronteraFest, Mi Casa Es Su Teatro, Saturday, Feb. 7, 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

From Hyde Park Theatre, as Frontera Fest 2009 reaches for its finales:

Mis Casa Es Su Teatro

Saturday, February 7 at various locations around Austin

This perennial audience favorite features site-specific productions all around town. The 2009 show is curated by the quirky geniuses at Popworks Cooperative, and it's a bit different this year--all the Mi Casa pieces will be connected by a single theme. Here's their description:

Pushed to the edges of the circuit by the newer, the younger, the better, and less dysfunctional - BUT HERE FOR ONE LAST PERFORMANCE:

The Travelling Von Creeplingburger Brothers and Family

Jesters to the czars of Prussia. Dancers in the courts of Transylvania. Retiring after generations of GLORIOUS performances for audiences across the world (and United States), they will DELITE and ENTERTAIN, CHARM and amaze, ONE LAST TIME!

An eccentric, vaguely Eastern European family of vaudeville performers endlessly circle the fringes searching for an audience. Singing and dancing to whoever will spare their time. The Sweet and Sour Sisters sing a sad song of sorrow. Uncle/Brother tells an ancient joke. Mysteries are revealed. The procession grows. A song, a dance. Where will they go? It ends - as always - at the foot lights for a bow and one last refrain.

Times and locations on Saturday, February 7:

1:00pm: 2218 College Avenue 78704

2:30pm: 719 W. Monroe 78704

3:30pm: 913 W. Mary 78704

Party! 4:30pm: 719 W. Monroe 78704

Note: for Mi Casa, tickets are $3 for all shows, and are available only at the door, in cash. No reservations.


POPWORKS COOPERATIVE is a new venture created for raucous, mind-bending, foot-stomping, heart-breaking artistic events and media - exploding soon near you!

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