Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Upcoming: Pencil Marks, musical, Farley Middle School, Hutto, May 5 - 7

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Pencil Marks by Claire Seymour and Jason Michaelisl

by Claire Seymour, music by Jason Michaelis, 2011

Hutto Independent School District and Farley Middle School present an original musical, Pencil Marks. Playing at the Hutto ISD Performing Arts Center, May 5th, 6th, and 7th at 7pm. Tickets for Pencil Marks are available from Farley Middle School or at the door.

Multimedia is everywhere, the social circle of teens! What of the choices of teens? Can their virtual actions be traced? How can a single pencil change so much, can it change time? Is the technology of today a tool to be cherished or an evil to be caged? How do our actions of now determine our future of then? Can a pencil erase a paper or a choice clean away?

The message of Pencil Marks centers on very real, contemporary themes. In a recent piece of Texas legislation, juveniles suspected of “sexting” may now be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Too many students are unaware of cyber bullying and sexting until they become a victim of such actions. Pencil Marks seeks to change these statistics promoting education and prevention over punishment.

Online social living, teen drinking, social groups, inappropriate texting, family expectations, women’s rights, and Rosa Parks. All issues contained within the contemporary classroom setting of Pencil Marks. We journey through the life of the narrator the voyeur and critical eye of his past and future choices navigated by a pencil. Keith, a teenager with a path seemingly all mapped out; a good family and a great report card. Anja, a teenage girl with a developing future, whose one seemingly innocent choice will cost her more that she knows. Their lives brought together through a history class where Mrs. B battles with how a teacher can make an impact that really lasts, ‘ this is the timeline of their lives; a choice can define who they become’.

Life for these seemingly everyday characters offers opportunities for demanding choices. What is right or wrong? How do these students hold the destiny of their lives? How can their choices change this path? What happens when a text goes viral, who carries the label now, who is the victim, what of their future?

A single tap of the pencil, an echoing whisper, the stomp of a foot, a beat on a book, empowering lyrics and a chilling tale all underscoring choice. Will Keith’s choices take him to his future dreams? Choice, consequence, dreams…the future begins now.

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