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Upcoming: Strindberg's The Stronger + Blasco's The Honeymooners, Playhouse Smithville, May 13 - 21

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Playhouse Smithville


The Stronger Honeymooners
Two Plays in One Evening
directed by Sam Blasco

May 13, 14, 20, 21

Tickets $10.00 - Purchase Here

The Stronger
by August Strindberg

The Stronger
by August Strindberg.

The Stronger, though Strindberg's shortest play, packs just as much vitality and impact as some of his better known plays and is full of ironic poignancy. In the play, two women meet in a cafe. Madam X does all the talking - Mademoiselle Y all the listening - and we quickly discover that one is the wife and the other is possibly the mistress. Who is the stronger? The author takes no side, it is up to each and every one of us to decide for ourselves.

by Sam Blasco

The Honeymooners
by Sam Blasco

To round out the evening, and as an homage to Strindberg, there will be two vignettes taking place in the same café as The Stronger, featuring some memorable characters from the past - The Honeymooners themselves - Ralph and Alice. And, with some help from their friend Norton, they take a slightly lighter look at the same subject of infidelity. Written by Sam Blasco, all these characters have been pulled into this century and lovingly updated.

A Word About Strindberg...

The human soul, tortured by fears and desires that conflict both with themselves and with each other, and which the soul cannot resolve--that is where Strindberg lives and breaths, the locale in which he is absolutely unrivaled as a playwright and poet of all that is dark, and yet fragile, in the human being. Known as the father of Naturalism on the stage, Strindberg was a pioneer, a generation ahead of his time, and his influence can be seen in the works of Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and to some extent he set the stage, so to speak, for Samuel Beckett and the theatre of the absurd, as well as early television shows.


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