Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upcoming: Salome, Wondrous Strange Players at Renaissance Community Market, May 13 - June

Received directly:

Wondrous Strange Players

Wondrous Strange Players proudly present Salome Wondrous Strange

Oscar Wilde's


a story of decadence and obsession on a biblical scale: THE DANCE WORTH HALF A KINGDOM

May 13 - 22, June 10 - 19, Fridays- Sundays, 8 p.m.

6800 WestGate Blvd at William Cannon

Tickets $12 at the door

For any questions call 832-492-8031.

Wondrous Strange invites you to a night of debauchery, madness, and doom, served with coffee and dessert. Have a seat on the stage as the Wondrous Strange players enact Oscar Wilde's Salomé, a story of decadence and obsession. Witness the macabre tale of Salomé and Iokannon unfold, and behold the infamous Dance of the Seven Veils, with its monstrous consequences!


Director Casey Allen, a laid-back poet with charm that borders on the supernatural, calmly steers his actors through beautifully chaotic moments of the story while playing an intimidating Iokanaan. Cristl Climans returns in the title role of the beautiful and dangerous Salomé herself. Christopher Harris takes on the role of the loathsome and slimy King Herod while Sabrina Tarbutton rolls her eyes at him as his wife Herodias. A charmingly drunken Tigellinas is played by Julio Mella while Steven Brandt brings a dry humor and dapper air to King Herod’s bodyguard. Travis Doherty, playing the Young Syrian, and Ksynia Hoover, playing the Page, joined the cast for Richard III and proudly returns in Wondrous Strange’s production of Salomé.

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