Monday, September 24, 2012

Upcoming: Mama Mia, That'sa Murder by Dave Cortez, Woodlawn Theatre, September 29, October 13 and 27

Woodlawn Theatre San Antonio TX


Times: Saturdays @ 6:00PM Sept. 29, 2012 Oct. 13, 2012 Oct. 27, 2012
Tickets: $39.95/Person Includes dinner salad, build-your-own pizza OR pasta, non-alcoholic beverage. Price does not include tax or gratuity.
Additional Website for the Show:

Woodlawn Theatre, in conjunction with Deco Pizzeria, are serving up some tasty meals and zesty comedy with 'Mamma Mia: That'sa Murder', a "Godfather" spoof set at Don Tortellini's daughter's wedding reception, where at the end of the first act, the Don mysteriously dies. With a cast of 6 talented actors, the audience is encouraged to participate to figure out who done it and why.

Patrons arrive to the restaurant at 6:00PM to check in and receive table assignments. Appetizers are served and dinner orders taken at roughly 6:30PM after everyone has been seated. The show begins at 7:00PM. Dinner salads are served during the first act, and at intermission, dinner will be served.

Act 2 introduces the detective who begins questioning the actors on their motives for killing the Don. The detective thickens the story by layering up some loopy plot twists, and it's then up to the audience to figure out who the killer is. The actors will visit the tables to answer questions and give their own opinions of who they think did it. Then the killer will be revealed.

As this is an interactive show, there will be opportunities for audience members to volunteer for a dance, or even assume the role of a character in the show. No rehearsal necessary! Prizes will be given out as well for participation, clever answers, and even catching actors flub their lines. With all the fun in store, this is surly a dinner murder mystery you won't want to miss!
6 talented actors portray Italian family. Audience participates as guests to the wedding reception.

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