Saturday, September 8, 2012

Upcoming: spacestation1985 by Natalie George at the Off Center, September 13 - 22

Spacestation 1985 by Natalie George

by Natalie George
playing at the Off-Center 2211-A Hidalgo St., near E. 7th and Robert Martinez (click for map)
September 13 - 28, Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m.; Saturday late shows at 10:30 p.m.; matinee at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 16
Click to purchase tickets via Eventbrite: $12 general admission; $19.85 'mission control' premium seating

spacestation1985 is a live action science fiction psychological roller coaster coming to austin texas in september of 2012. it is the story of two down and out nasa cast-offs, dr. richard gergen and lieutenant norman james kilroy, who are blasted into space in the year 1985 by a mysterious privately-funded space exploration group.

their mission?

to be the first men to mine the tail of halley's comet. however, while working 30 day alternating shifts, the mission begins to take a turn...into not only the deepest corners of our solar system, but the very darkest corners of the human mind.
from the minds of the award-winning sketch comedy team THINK TANK,comes an 8 bit kubrickian dramedy unlike anything you have seen live on stage before. (unless you saw their run of the show in New York City, then it will be a lot like that....only with new exciting twists and a reloaded amazing design team, don't believe me? see for yourself...)
live puppetry!
oringinal score by graham reynolds!
sound design by buzz moran!
scenic design by ia enstera!
lighting design by natalie george!
costume design by benjamin taylor-ridgeway!
the acting chops of jason newman & bradley carlin!!
directed by jeffery mills!

still not convinced...
what about the talents of Jennymarie Jemison, Gricelda Silva, David Higgins, Dallas Tate, Noel Gaulin, Kelly Hassandras, Dani Pruitt, & Christopher Shea

and did we mention SPACE PUPPETS?
join us aboard spacestation1985...

Spacestation 1985 by Natalie George
(Poster art by Duncan Gillis)

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