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(*) 2013 Season for the Overtime Theatre, San Antonio

Overtime Theatre San Antonio

The Overtime’s 2013 Season

The Overtime Theater, 1203 Camden, San Antonio, TX 78215 (click for map)
Our new year promises to be our biggest yet. Unlike most theaters the Overtime runs its season over the course of a calendar year. And 2013 is shaping up to be a good one. For your consideration:

Jan 18th – Feb 16th - The Cabinet of Dr Caligari adapted by Sophia Bolles
This “silent theatre” adaptation of the 1920 German expressionist film, arguably the first horror movie, follows the disturbing murders in a small German town after a visit by the mysterious Dr. Caligari and his somnambulist Cesare. Filled with shadows, warped scenery, and bizarrely slanted scenes ranging from the annual fair to a madhouse, this staged classic film is haunting, beautiful, moody, and absurd.

Mar 1st – Mar 23rd - Sex Party by Noah Finn
Concerning an online music critic, the test-writing pianist pining for his love, an economist, an amateur distiller and their exchanges regarding – among other things – the quest for soulmates, sex change leftovers and black metal, Sex Party approaches the indulgent pure potential of confessional eroticism to either cultivate the best in them all, or else leave them something worse than gracefully handicapped.

Apr 6th – May 4th - Masquerade by James Venhaus
Set in an independent comic shop and on a drag show runway, Masquerade tells the story of an unlikely group of friends that develops when the worlds of comic book cosplay and drag collide. Masks, alter-egos, and secret desires both hide and reveal the truth about each of them.

May 17th – Jun 15th - Hard Candy: The Life and Times of a Texas Bad Girl by Gregg Barrios
This play probes the life and legend of Juanita Dale Slusher - later known to the world as the stripper Candy Barr. When Texas Monthly inducted her into their pantheon of Texas greats -- alongside the likes of Lady Bird Johnson, Walter Cronkite and Willie Nelson -- the magazine dubbed Barr “the baddest of the bad girls.” Yet Barr’s story for the most part has never been told. Four actors will portray Candy at different points in her life: the runaway teen, the famed showgirl, the prison poet, and the reflective recluse.

Jun 28th – Jul 27th - The Adventures of Captain Cortez and the Tri-Lamda Brigade: the Movie by Scott McDowell
The Overtime’s beloved sci-fi serial gets the big screen treatment – on stage. In a full length stand alone play the Tri-Lambda Brigade must face the galaxy’s greatest evils in order to save the day! Also, they solve the Jack the Ripper murders. Seriously.

Aug 9th – Sep 7th - The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton by Rachel Joseph
This play explores the work of vaudevillian comic and filmmaker Buster Keaton through two of his most famous endeavors: his short film Sherlock Jr. (1924) about a film projectionist who dreams himself into a movie to solve a crime and his collaboration late in his career with Samuel Beckett on the short film Film (1964). Using two Buster Keaton figures, one older and one younger, the work takes on two canonical films that are meditations on the relationship of the live to the reproducible, the human to the machine.

Sep 20th – Oct 19th - Henchmen by Rob Barron
It’s 2012 and the biggest superhero/super villain battle of all time is taking place out on the streets. But, inside the warehouse on the corner of 18th and Figueroa, Brian sits alone watching the captured superhero Captain Courage as he is tied unconscious in the corner. Brian is a henchman left behind on guard duty and all he has to do is sit in the warehouse and not let anything bad happen….

Oct 4th – Oct 19th - The Haunted House by Plautus, adapted by Tom Jenkins
Adapted from the ancient Roman comedy Mostellaria, a farce about drunken carousing, crafty slaves, and slapstick tricks. When Theuropides returns early from his business trip, the only way to keep him from finding what a dissolute mess his son Philolaches has made of his home is for Tranio, the slave, to convince him the house is haunted.

Nov 1st – Dec 7th - At the End of the Bar by the Lavens
This original musical is a tapestry of songs, scenes, and memories by the Laven family. It interweaves regulars and new characters, joys and heartbreaks, inner monologues and daily life at the end of the bar at San Antonio’s own Cove, where the Lavens have played weekly for 12 years. The stories are united by the character of a young singer who sings lonely solos and threads herself through the crowd, and the space of the bar, layered with memories, haunted by those who’ve passed, and saturated with the family’s soulful music.

Feb 7th – Feb 23rd - The Aesthetic of Weekend by the Aesthetic of Waste

Featuring Fatboy, an absurdly obscene play about insatiable hunger and profane greed, We Stole This, 30 short pieces in an hour, and a range of sketches, performance art, and installations from the Wastrels who’ve been bringing us dangerous comedy and bloodshed since we’ve moved in here.

Jun 7th – Jul 28th - Port Cove by Scott McDowell and 8 directors

New weekly serial ala David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. This supernatural soap opera follows the characters of the hotel coffee shop at the center of a small New England town where mysterious murders have taken place. The FBI agents brought in discover that everyone is a suspect and something odd lurks out there in the cove...
More Information:,, and (210) 557-7562.

Click 'Read more' for additional information about the Overtime Theater, San Antonio. . . .

In business since 2007, the Overtime Theater is dedicated to providing innovative and accessible entertainment at an affordable price. The shows are all new, original works, or unconventional adaptations of old classics. The Overtime Theater specializes in world premieres of works never before seen on stage!

In just five years, the Overtime has produced more than 50 new shows, including six original musicals: Sheer Bloody Lunacy!, Pirates Vs. Ninjas, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die: A New Musical, Dr. “S” Battles the Sex-Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie: The Musical, DOA: A Noir Musical and Open Sesame!. Other notable productions have included The Good Samaritan, Poet Faustus, Sob! Choke…LOVE!, Action Philosophers, and most recently, the world premieres in 2011-2012 of All Good Things, The Decorator, Ugly People, Frames, Life or A Reasonable Approximation Thereof, Sleepers Wake, A Hitman’s Guide to Surviving Life, and Gregg Barrios’ I-DJ. The Overtime Theater also collaborates with local visual artists, giving them a prominent local space in which to display their works in the lobby of their location near the Pearl Brewery complex.

The Overtime Theater is now a non-profit organization as determined by the IRS. This decision has been made to extend the Overtime’s mission of “art for the people” to the greater community, including through low-cost workshops in acting, playwriting, comedy improv skills, and art by working professionals.

The OT Board of Directors and Operational Directors offer their expertise and talents as volunteers, and actors and the production crew are paid stipends through audience donations and grant funds. Our ticket prices are among the most competitive in the city, as we try to keep the costs down and the entertainment as accessible as possible. We are committed to building an audience with an appreciation for new, outside-the-box productions — an audience that will also support other local theaters and arts organizations.

The Overtime Theater Board of Directors and Operational Directors for 2012 are listed below. All serve in these roles as volunteers.

Overtime Theater Board of Directors: Robert Barron, Jr., Bryan Ortiz, Matthew Byron Cassi, Scott McDowell, Abigail Entsminger, Aaron Krohn and Seth Larson.

Overtime Theater Operational Directors:

Michael D. Burger – Executive Director

Kyle Gillette – Artistic Director

Bryan Ortiz – Communications Director

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