Sunday, December 9, 2012

Arts Reporting: Austin Playhouse's Relocation to Highland Mall

Published in the Statesman's Sunday edition of December 9, 2012:

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 Whether in a Tent or in a Mall, for Austin Playhouse the Show Goes On

by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin December 9, 2012

Don Day Austin Playhouse (photo: Alberto Martinez via Austin Statesman)
(photo: Alberto Martinez via Austin Statesman)

What’s the old show business saying? Something about how no matter what happens, the show must go on?

More than any other theater group in town, Austin Playhouse might embody the spirit of that saying.

A year ago, the midsize nonprofit troupe announced that it was pitching a tent — literally — on a site at the Mueller development, where it planned to build a two-theater facility as part of the Mueller community’s town center.

The tent was a temporary venue while the community theater group worked through the permitting process for its planned 17,000-square-foot complex that would also have classrooms, offices and ground-floor space that will be sold to a bar or restaurant.

However, with permitting for the Mueller project still not finalized but construction under way on the building next to it, the troupe is setting up a second temporary home. And this time, the show’s at Highland Mall.

On Thursday, Austin Playhouse will raise the curtain on “The Game’s Afoot (Or Holmes for the Holidays),” a murder mystery drawing-room comedy set in Broadway theater world of the 1930s.

The theater’s real estate shuffle around town mirrors the shifting landscape of Austin development[ . . . . ]

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