Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UT New Theatre plays announced for April, 2013, University of Texas

UTNT (UT New Theatre), the annual showcase of new plays from the UT M.F.A. Playwriting Program, returns this spring April 18 - 28 in the Lab Theatre with four dynamic works by emerging playwrights. UTNT (UT New Theatre) is curated by Steven Dietz and Brian Kettler. Specific dates, times and ticketing information will be available in January 2013. For additional information, call 512-471-5793.

Now in its sixth iteration, UTNT 2013 presents the following:

Staged Works:
70 Secrets of Marmalade Kittens by Gabrielle Reisman

Seduced by a pair of ceramic figurines, Quinn wrestles with abandoning her husband, her young children, and their lonely life on an Iowa hog confinement farm. Ten years later her now grown children - with the counsel of an aging pet goose - must choose between selling off their father's business, and tracking down the ghosts of their mother's desires.

Dream of Perfect Sleep by Kevin Kautzman
Mary and Gene are old. Mary suffers from severe vertigo and just wants to watch her show, gosh-darn-it. Gene has some big news for their middle-aged kids. When new-ager Melissa and recovering-addict Robert return to a home decorated for the holidays (when it's not the holidays), the family must make a hard decision about what it means to exit this world with grace.

The Kingdom by Andrew Hinderaker
A Catholic priest of 22 years has stopped taking confession. He has stopped delivering mass. Hiding out in the basement of his church, he seeks to perform miracles of his own making. What becomes of a priest who has lost his faith in us all?


A Perfect Robot by Sarah Saltwick
Believe Alan Turin - that girl is really a robot. It's just that Mollybot's face is uncannily human. She hasn't been so perfect since her creator went missing and there's only one chance to convince the investors of her worth. One far away woman holds the key to unlocking it all.

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