Thursday, September 1, 2011

Auditions: Well by Lisa Krom, Different Stages

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Different Stages Austin Texas

announcesWell by Lisa Kron (Michigan State University)

Auditions for

Well by Lisa Kron

directed by Norman Blumensaadt

3 women, ages 25 - 65

1 man, age 25-45

1 African-American actor

1 African-American actress

In Well, Kron creates a complex exploration of our assumptions about whether or not we are responsible for our own illnesses. She draws on stories of her family's history of chronic illness, her own stay in an "environmental ecology clinic," and her subsequent transition to health. Woven into this are stories of her childhood in a racially integrated neighborhood which was "healed" from decline by her mother's community work. Kron places herself on stage with the character of her mother along with a chorus of four actors. These characters continually undermine Kron's plans for the play - a meta-theatrical conceit that has proven exceedingly delightful to audiences as it subverts the autobiographical form by removing the narrator's assumption of omniscience and forcing her to react as her intentions are derailed and her motives are questioned.

Production to be staged November 11 - December 3 at the Vortex Repertory Theatre, 2307 Manor Road

Actors are strongly urged to read the script before auditions. It can be checked out at the office of the Austin Creative Alliance, 701 Tillery Street (click for map)

To make an appointment or for further information call Carol Ginn at 444-3303

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