Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City of Austin Announces 2012 Cultural Arts Grants

In its September e-mail newsletter issued this afternoon the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin reported that the City Council has approved cultural arts grants for fiscal year 2012. Grants are funded from a small percentage of the revenue collected by the City in the form of the hotel occupancy tax. Grant recipients. The announcement specifies "Pre-contract materials are due October 28, 2011. A pre-contract workshop will be offered at City Hall, Monday, September 19, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Cultural contractors should plan to attend one of the two sessions."

The full list is available here. Following is a partial list of grants of interest to Austin live theatre.

Recipient Grant $000
Austin Children's Theatre 17.6
Buzz Productions 1.0
Conspire Theatre 2.6
Crank Collective 1.0
Dustin Wills 3.9
Graham Schmidt (Breaking String) 2.6
Rubber Repertory 9.0
Baron's Men 2.567
City Theatre 6.4
Vestige Group 8.361
Tongue and Groove Theatre 7.8
Austin Playhouse 47.0
Scriptworks 21.6
Austin Shakespeare 59.5
Austin Theatre Alliance 122.5
Ctr for Women & their work: kt shorb 6.859
Ctr for Women & their work: Natalie Goodnow 4.516
Center Stage Texas 7.625
Different Stages 21.783
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin 18.4
Long Center for the Performing Arts 125.0
Hyde Park Theatre (HPT) 54.5
HPT: sponsoring Capital T Theatre 15.303
La Fenice 2.9
Polyanna Theatre Company 35.1
Proyecto Teatro Spanish Language Theatre 8.469
Rude Mechanicals 64.5
Salvage Vanguard Theatre 62.0
Scottish Rite Theatre & Children's Theatre 19.2
Teatro Humanidad Cansada 30.25
Teatro Vivo 18.027
Teatro Vivo capacity building grant 4.4
Texas Juggling Society 1.0
Uprise Productions 8.446
Theatre Action Project (TAP) 67.0
Tutto Theatre 18.8
Vortex Repertory Theatre 64.5
Vortex sponsored: Salvata, Samayoa 17.936
Vortex sponsored: Shrewd Productions 10.396
Zach Theatre 110.0
Zilker Productions 45.0

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