Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Reviews: Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, Wondrous Strange Players, Community Renaissance Market, September 8 - 18

Blood Wedding, Wondrous Strange Players

Darkness at the Break of Noon: Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding

By Brian Paul Scipione

The stage is stark, the lights are dim, the crickets and the wind are rumbling in the background. A woman, weary and worried, enters the room and falls into a stiff chair. Her son comes through with the intention of going to work. The word knife enters the conversation and the mother explodes, going from worry to wailing at the world’s iniquities. She is bitter and inconsolable; she has lost her husband and oldest son to murders. She blames knives, evil people and the society that engenders them but her son is persistent, hopeful, and loving. He wants to get married and needs her blessing and counsel. She recognizes the hope in his eyes and begins discussing the proper wedding customs, yet the tone in her voice has not changed. What good are marriage, love and truces in the land of the dead? Every child born is to live its life mere seconds away from the cold dirty steel of a hateful man’s blade. The tone of the play is set: if life is bad it can only get worse.

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