Friday, September 9, 2011

Upcoming: Beirut by Alan Bowne and Night Maneuver by Howard Korder, Southwestern University Black Box Theatre, February15 - 19, 2012

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Black Box Series Beirut Southwestern University


Beirut and Night Maneuver

1 Night, 2 Shows, 1 Price!

February 15 - 19

7pm | Wednesday & Thursday
8pm | Friday & Saturday
3pm | Sunday

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Heather Hall, Southwestern University, GeorgetownNight Maneuvers Southwestern University

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Beirut by Alan Bowne

Directed by Alexis Gette ‘13

Beirut is the story of a Brooklyn man quarantined in the Lower East Side after testing positive for a deadly, nameless virus. His girlfriend, who has not been infected, makes the dangerous journey across the quarantine line to be with him. The plague has upped the ante on love and introduced them to sacrifice. They are a Romeo and Juliet of the boroughs. An East Side story.

(Adult subject matter for mature audiences only)

Night Maneuver by Howard Korder
Directed by Abraham Ramirez ‘13

A series of lies and inconsistencies drive this plot and the relationship between brothers, Lou, Tim, and the absent Monty whose heavy shadow follows them throughout. An underhanded power-struggle between the two ensues, as Lou acts as the rather obnoxious patronizing older brother, and Tim the pathetic and helpless younger brother. It becomes clear that both of them have their secrets. Using mind games and deception, they each try to catch the other out. Intriguing and touching, this play is a powerful unfolding of the human construct that reveals its inner-most fragility.

(Adult subject matter for mature audiences only)

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