Sunday, September 4, 2011

Upcoming: Marvelous Things by Lindsey Greer Sikes and Paul Marbach, Blue Theatre, October 6 - 23

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Lindsey Greer Sikes presents a new story for the stage:

Marvelous Things by Lindsey Greer Sikes, Austin, Texas

script by Lindsey Greer Sikes, original music by Paul Marbech

directed by Lindsey Greer Sikes October 6 – 23, Thursdays - Saturdays at 7 p.m., Sundays at 5 p.m.

at the Blue Theater, 916 Springdale (click for map)

Tickets $12-$20, reservations via

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In a theatre, who's to say what's real and what's imagined?

Coming this October to the Blue Theater is a new work by Austin Playwright and Director Lindsey Greer Sikes. Inspired by native-Texas indie-rock band Eisley’s “Room Noises”, Marvelous Things is a theatrical event which aims to challenge the traditional form of the play as well as the role of the audience, who are not only spectators but participants in the creation of a false reality—or as we more commonly call it, the theater.

We invite you to meet Winnie: a young woman full of life and always in awe of it. But as her wedding day approaches she becomes unable to distinguish the world in which she is living from the marvelous things she imagines. And as the consequences of lives around her quickly unravel, so the creatures of her mind come alive from within the world of the audience and take to the stage. Presumably, Winnie remains safe in the delusions of her imagination, until a spine-tingling series of final events forces her to confront delusion, reality and ultimately: theatrical reality.

Marvelous Things will be presented at the BLUE Theater on Thursday/Saturday at 7 PM and Sundays at 5 PM from October 6th – 23rd. Tickets can be reserved by emailing and purchased at the door on a sliding scale from $12-$20. For a truly Austin experience, be sure to arrive early and grab some dinner with our hot-off-the-grill BBQ, fresh pie, and featured specialty drinks including a spiked Southern Iced Tea! Cash only.

Written and Directed by Lindsey Greer Sikes. Orginal Music Composed by Paul Marbach. Featuring Rachel Weise, Nathan Brockett, Sara Harless, Stephen Mercantel, Emily Kennedy, Brett Hamman, Bastion Carboni, Heather Diamond, Jonathon Itchon, Vanessa Marie, Solveij Praxis and Georgia Young.

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