Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Invitation to Protest the Legislature's Cuts for Funding of Planned Parenthood, September 13 & 14

Received directly from Bastion Carboni of the Poison Apple Initiative:


Texas CapitolSeptember 13 rehearsal at Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Road (click for map)

September 14, 10 a.m. Protest Performances in the traditions of the "invisible" and "guerrilla" theatre movements

Press Release

In response to the state’s recent decision to cancel Title X funding for various women’s health clinics, Poison Apple Initiative is planning a demonstration that will process from Republic Square Park to the Capitol. The performative action, in the traditions set by the “invisible” and “guerrilla” theatre movements, will feature local actresses and other citizens concerned by the decisions recently made by our state’s government. We will process along Congress, performing a short piece three times and end at the Capitol for a visual representation of the numbers of women and men benefited by the work of Planned Parenthood, People’s Community Clinic, and El Buen Samaritano. The performance will be recorded and sent viral as both a rallying and warning cry for other communities. We are inspired by U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Martin’s recent decision to overturn Kansas’ denial of state funds to Planned Parenthood and we aspire to affect a similar change here. Where there is precedent, there is hope.

A Call for Participation (from the FaceBook event page)

So, here's the deal: in response to our state's decision to strip Planned Parenthood of government funds, we're planning a performative action in Downtown Austin on Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 10am. This is not so much a protest as a call for action; we as Texans have entered a new realm of social obligation. This amazing org and others like it (People's Community Clinic and El Buen Samaritano) have been hit hard. It's now it's our duty and right to keep it alive through our direct contributions and raising awareness that this is happening and has already spurred awful consequences.

SO: Details.

1. A
REHEARSAL for the action will be held on TUESDAY, SEPT. 13TH AT 7PM AT THE DOUGHERTY ARTS CENTER. We'll take that time to choreograph simple actions in conjunction with the performance that'll be happening. The result will be visually striking and generally rad.

2. The action is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 14TH AT 10AM. We will be convening at REPUBLIC SQUARE (Guadalupe between 4th and 5th)
(click for map) at 9.15AM and the procession will end at the Capitol. There will be fliers and arm bands handed out at that time. Please wear jeans and a mono-color shirt.

3. The action will be filmed and will go viral. We are contacting media outlets of all ilk and working on getting coverage of the event. If you know someone who might be interested in speaking with us or would like more info, please email

4. Tell your friends. Let's rip it up, kids.

Solidarity and respect,

PAI (Poison Apple Initiative)

About us: Poison Apple Initiative is a local theatre company specializing in sharp, dark comedy with a social consciousness. We’ve garnered a reputation for giving audiences “a razor-edged experience, one with a vibration and intensity that no video or cinema is going to provide” ( Now in our fourth year, we’re taking to the streets.

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