Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Funding Appeal from the DA! Theatre Collective for DayBoyNightGirl at the Rollins Theatre

DA! Theatre Collective, Austin, TX
Just Say "DA!" - About DA! Theatre Collective
DayBoyNightGirl DA! Theatre Collective Austin TXDA! Theatre Collective is proud to announce that we will soon be debuting our latest original show, DAYBOYNIGHTGIRL, at Central Texas' premiere performing arts facility, THE LONG CENTER! For one exciting week, June 6 - 10 at the Rollins Theatre, we will showcase the talents of our entire team (plus several incredible guest artists) for the full-length premiere of DAYBOYNIGHTGIRL, a multi-disciplinary production freely adapted from a magical 19th Century short story by illustrious Scottish author George MacDonald.

[To see developmental footage of DAYBOYNIGHTGIRL from earlier workshop incarnations, go to the video below at 16:48.]

IndieGoGOThis Indie-Go-Go campaign will specifically "Go-Go" towards compensating the work of the incredible artists on our team! Paying local artists a decent wage for their work is a core value that we chose to inherit from our beloved parent company, Hyde Park Theatre. The goal is $2012 by June 17. Please click on the IndieGoGo symbol to go to the fundraiser page where you can contribute and view the perks we're offering.

"Da" means “yes” in Russian. Yet DA! is more than a word and more than a company; it is a way of life. Rooted in contemporary Russian acting and movement theory, DA! Theatre Collective believes in the power of intention and the value of hard work --and that Austin, Texas in the 21st century is the very best place and time to be doing this hard work.

Click 'Read more' for additional information -- or go to the fundraiser page

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