Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Auditions: Neighborhood 3, Requisition of Doom, Poison Apple Initiative and Vestige Group auditioning for allegorical zombie play, June 3

Poison Apple Initiative Austin TXPoison Apple Initiative in Vestige Group AUstin TXconjunction with the Vestige Group, is making a play. We want you to audition for it. It's got allegorical zombies and weaponized weedwackers and blood.  Auditions are June 3 from 2:00am [sic -- see more below!] until June 4 at 9:30pm at Wardenclyffe, 1101 Springdae Road (click for map)

In an unnamed suburban housing division the kids of the neighborhood become fixated on an online horror video
game. As things go missing and sirens get closer, their parents begin to realize that the game might not just be confined behind the computer screen.


1. We need 4 actors comfortable with playing multiple nuanced characters: a male and female in their late 30s-mid 40s and a male and female in their late teens-early 20s. These are Westlake-type people.

2. AUDITIONS will be held Sun, June 3rd from 1-4 with additional auditions/ callbacks on Mon, June 4th. Sides will be provided. A dialog sample can be found on Google Books.

3. REHEARSALS begin June 9th and will be held Mon-Thurs evenings with some Saturdays. PERFORMANCES are Weds-Sat, July 12-28th.

4. Actors will be paid a stipend.

If you've any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, email bastion@poisonappleinitiat

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